A lot of people are asking why i used a picture of Paul McCartney for my mashup of John Lennon’s “Imagine”.
I thought the answer was obvious. Paul McCartney IS John Lennon
Everyone knows that the original Paul McCartney died some time in the 1960s and was replaced by a double. But I guess you only know half the story. When choosing a replacement impostor they realized that only one person knew Paul and his mannerisms well enough to convincingly portray him: John Lennon in facial prosthetics.
Obviously they could never be seen together in public. This is why the Beatles stopped performing and became a studio-only band (John playing Paul’s parts via multitracking techniques which quickly proved creatively revolutionary.) Nonetheless, the magic act was very taxing on John, and the Beatles eventually had to split up so he could perform both lives separately.
When he was non-fatally wounded by a bullet in 1980, he realized he was at a crossroads. He had come to enjoy his life and career as Paul McCartney, who was at an all time creative high with hits like “Temporary Secretary" and "Wonderful Christmastime”. And so, he faked his death as John Lennon and assumed the role of Paul full time.
So next time you’re mourning the premature loss of the great songwriter John Lennon, just think about him in 1985, healthily and contentedly singing “Spies Like Us" under 20 pounds of Hollywood makeup.